About us

This is what we do.

ACM is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology, serving both professional and public interests by fostering the open interchange of information and by prompting the highest professional and ethical standards. ACM BIT Mesra chapter is an extension of ACM and aims at enhancing the computing skills of students in the campus.

ACM BIT Mesra is devoted to excellence and maintains high ethics. We aim at being an active community in the field of computer science and related disciplines. We maintain a high level of transparency in all our work. We have a set of goals in our agenda every year, and we will be working towards our goals.

Our vision at ACM is “dream, share and innovate”. We come together to create a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge. We aim at promoting computing research and creating an environment where everyone can participate, interact with each other, and develop their skills. This is done by providing a learning platform with healthy competition for students to showcase their talent as well as develop the right scientific temperament through interaction with the larger computing community.

ACM works to communicate the fundamental role that computing plays in shaping all scientific pursuits, as well as our future. Our aim is to enhance learning through exchange of ideas among students sharing a common interest. ACM’s broad array of life-long learning and skill development opportunities include tutorials, workshops, and weekly coding contests on LAN, and coding competitions in different fests organized all round the year, which helps the students maintain a competitive advantage. Workshops are conducted regularly which aim at increasing the overall standards of the people involved. The induction of new members takes place every year depending on the performance in that year. The community in general will benefit from such events and students will be exposed to various ideas and get an impetus to seek further.